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Recruitment & Outsourcing Services

SIRI IT SERVICES are good experts for IT & Non-IT Outsourcing HR consultancy. We deliver the flexible, practical employment support for your business requirements. We do unique approach to outsourced HR. We supply a range of consultancy business support functions, packages & ad-hoc services that gives you to focus on handling your business.

Why Our Consulting

If it's outside your scope, it's most likely within ours. When your business desires extend on the far side your core com.

Highly Experienced

We will manage with professionally qualified, long expert team members within the field of Personnel, Administration, Legal and HR.

Excellent Team

We facilitate best organizations to build leadership teams that succeed. Developing continues with Leadership requirements.

Type of Services

Permanent Recruitment

SIRI IT Services specialise in permanent recruitment process to provide a best-quality, professional recruitment service in all the markets.

Bulk Hiring Services

To contend with the professionals throughout Bulk Hiring one has to undergo a variety of permutations and mixtures whereas choosing mass accomplishment.

Executive Search

Our professional Search Consultants possesses good awareness and understands the market to deliver an optimized search and prefer service.